Ahrea Campaign 3: Trial Of The Monster Hunter

Session 8: The Wood Elven Village of Ilena

Aras, Fiva, and Ryhar make their way to the Wood Elven Village of Ilena. While they settle in for the night, Aras and Fiva are introduced to Yunea, Ryhar’s traveling companion.

Ryhar delivers food and supplies to the village, one of the many stops he makes on his travels. Aras finds out Ryhar somewhat illegally hunts for food in the Great Forest and provides it to the elven villages.

Aras and Fiva spend the night well cared for by the villagers of Ilena, due to their status in Ia’Nellsa. Fiva is informed she is now known as the “Knight Of The Free Winds” due to her having abandoned her post in the capital. Rather pleased to have the past behind them, Fiva takes Aras to the top of the tallest tree in the village, and spends the night stargazing with him – though Aras as always is afraid of heights.

In the morning, Aras awakes to the sounds of a fight outside and investigates – find that a band of Northern Riders are harassing and hurting the locals of Ilena, as their village is within the private hunting grounds of King Windsor the 2nd.

One knight is about to run down an innocent elven woman and her child until Aras intervenes, shooting the man dead with his crossbow. Aras is confronted by the other three knights that were harassing the citizens, but with Fiva’s help they are able to fight and defeat the knights.

With the Northern Riders dead within their town, the elves of Ilena are horrified and fear for their lives in the event the King sends men to avenge the fallen troops. Ryhar calms the people about their fears and informs them to cross the divide for safer villages there, and the village prepares to evacuate.

Ryhar informs Aras and Fiva that though they meant well, they will be wanted criminals for the rest of their lives for killing knights. The two have no other options in Northern Ahrea, however, and so go with Ryhar and Yunea as they prepare to cross the Divide of the Lands to South Ahrea.

As the party descends to the Divide, they yet again come under attack by Norman and a band of Legion troopers. Aras and Fiva are now very much surprised to see Norman alive – and even more so surprised to see he is now working with their newest enemies in the field.

The party fends Norman off, but he informs them that the Legion wants Aras and Fiva dead due to their killing of the bands near Vels.

Aras almost leaves the party in order to make a distraction to allow Fiva to escape to Southern Ahrea safely, but she does not permit him to do so.



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