Ahrea Campaign 3: Trial Of The Monster Hunter

Session 5: Onlen Wood And the Analen Mountain Pass

The two escape several Legion patrols as they hide in the forest, and hide in a small stone tunnel shelter. Aras has nightmares over his time in the Army of the Swords Path while Fiva watches over him.

The two set off again in the morning. Despite her tracking skills, Fiva and Aras become very disoriented in the large wood. The two are attacked by beastlike dogmen, and are nearly killed. When Aras kills the alpha male of the pack, however, the beasts run off.

Aras and Fiva spend some time recooperating from the last fight the day after, however realize they must finish their trip soon or they will run out of food. The two manage to navigate their way out of the Onlen Wood, and make their way up to the Ana’Len Mountain Pass.

As the two go over the pass, they find the normal route has completely frozen over due to the recent snow and is unable to be crossed. The only way to cross is by attempting to actually climb through the mountains, which is something the two find themselves ill prepared to do. The travel across the Ana’Len Mountain Range is slow, as although Aras is a decent mountaineer, Fiva is not used to the alpine climbing that their route requires.

As the two attempt to cross a particularly treacherous pass, Fiva loses her footing and almost falls to her death. Aras catches her, but then also falls after putting her back on the trail. Fiva finds herself being pulled over the edge as Aras falls over, and loses the grapple bow that he was going to use to save himself. He begs Fiva to cut his rope so she won’t fall as well while she hesitates, but Fiva cuts the rope for the equipment bag. Aras is saved as she pulls him up over the ledge, but the two lose their supplies as they fall. Aras is horrified, as this means they will either die of exposure to the elements or of starvation and thirst without them.

After waiting and seeing that the supplies have fallen to a reachable ledge, Aras repels down in an attempt to retrieve the goods. He finds that there is a cave attached to the ledge, and finds himself face to face with a troll. With Fiva’s help, he is able to fend off the beast and retrieve their supplies.

After managing to clear the pass, the two camp out on the top of Mount Ana’Len. Aras hallucinates seeing Inel speaking to him on the mountaintop, and Fiva becomes concerned with his mental health.

After figuring their path the next day, the two descend down the mountain in order to return to Aras’ home of Rothsal.



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