Ahrea Campaign 3: Trial Of The Monster Hunter

Session 4: The Eastern Tundra

Fiva and Aras find a carriage of the Legion on the outskirts of Vels. Desperate to get the supplies that they need to continue their journey, Aras makes an attempt to steal them as Fiva watches on from the trees.

Aras sneaks his way in to find supplies, and is forced to fight his way out with Fiva’s help after a Dakan catches him in the carriage. Barely managing to escape unharmed, Aras and Fiva both realize that the Legion will be sending more troops to find them after brazenly attacking their supply line.

Aras and Fiva steal one of the horses attached to the carriage, and attempt to traverse the Eastern Tundra in an effort to avoid the Legion’s wrath. The weather becomes extremely severe as they travel on, and the two lose their horse after two days.

The two wander in the open tundra extremely disoriented, and find themselves heading back towards the Onlen Wood nearby Vels in order to avoid freezing to death in the tundra.

Though Aras becomes overly exhausted from carrying the crippled Fiva on his back, he realizes that she will die unless they are able to find warm shelter, and forces himself to continue onwards. Despite nearly dying from overexerting himself, the two are able to reach the Onlen Wood safely.



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