Ahrea Campaign 3: Trial Of The Monster Hunter

Session 2: Captors of the Frostfields

Aras and Fiva relax after their encounter with the White Dragon the night before, and the two decide to take a break from their travels in order to spend some quiet time together. Fiva finds herself freezing on the open tundra and is not used to the sheer cold, though Aras attempts to keep her warm by keeping a fire going and wrapping her up in multiple blankets.

After spending a day in order for the weather conditions to improve, Aras and Fiva continue on the highroad west to the captured city of Vels.

Along the path the two come across a imprisoned band of travelers, who are about to be executed by their draconian captors. Unable to leave them to their fate, Aras decides to aid them despite the overwhelming odds, and Fiva joins in the attempt. After pulling an ambush on the draconians, the two become locked in battle with the Dakans and their Dakrahn commander. The two manage to fend off the majority of the draconians, but the Dak’Rahn poses a problem as he nearly knocks out Aras in a single blow.

The fight against the Dak’Rahn goes rather poorly as Aras is nearly killed by the draconian, however he and Fiva manage to win the fight and free the captured civilians after the Dak’Rahn accidentally triggers Aras to enter an enraged state.

After receiving a safe wagon to sleep in for the night, Aras speaks with the leader of the wagon train who informs him of the rough conditions ahead while Fiva rests in a trance. The next morning, the two bid farewell to the people they had saved and continue on their way west.



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