Ahrea Campaign 3: Trial Of The Monster Hunter

Session 6: Rothsal and the Great Forest

After another five or so days of travel along the mountainside, Aras and Fiva make it to his hometown of Rothsal.

Aras and Fiva attempt to enter Rothsal, but the guards bar up the gates and do not permit them entry. Odver heads out to speak to Aras, and it turns out that he is now in charge of the town guard. Odver explains to Aras that he is no longer welcome to his home as he is blamed for the deaths of Ellever, Hilde, and the others, along with the increasing number of draconian attacks the town has suffered. Odver banishes Aras and Fiva both from the town grounds, and almost has his guards attack the two as Aras hesitates to leave.

Aras and Fiva rest up some distance away from Rothsal, and Aras is extremely depressed over the fact he can no longer return home. Fiva informs him that she can no longer go home as well, and wishes that they could finally go to Southern Ahrea as she had wanted to months before. With nowhere to return to, Aras finally agrees to live up to the promise he made her and the two set off for the Divide of the Lands to the south.

The two enter the Great Forest, and Fiva becomes a little homesick, but is grateful to be heading to safer territory.

Norman makes his reappearance as he tracks the two through the forest, rather upset that Fiva had shot him multiple times and had left him for dead. Wanting Aras dead for his bounty and wanting Fiva as a personal prize, Norman continues to follow behind – waiting for a proper opportunity to present itself.

As they continue on through the forest, Aras and Fiva are surrounded by a band of six dryads. Fiva throws herself forward as a sacrifice on Aras’ behalf, though the dryads retreat once she has done so. Aras is upset with her, but he is content with the fact she wasn’t taken by them.

The two continue down further south, avoiding the highroad as they do so – though they completely miss the fact that Norman is trailing them.



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