Ahrea Campaign 3: Trial Of The Monster Hunter

Session 16: The Halls of Sepna Austir

As the Blood Moon begins to rise within fifteen minutes of midnight, Sepna Austir prepares to begin the ritual sacrifice as the time draws near. Fiva can only watch on as her life is about to end upon the sacrifical altar – unaware of the fact that Aras is desperately rushing through the dragon’s fortress to come to her aid.

Ryhar, Selea, and Yunea begin their ascent up to the bridge to Sepna’s Halls, being delayed by the guards that had not been killed by Aras mere minutes before. They are able to see him run the bridge as they approach, however.

The Dakans inside the hall are aware of the intruder and brace the doors, but Aras smashes his way through the fortress doors. He fights off the eight or so draconians guarding the door, and is now only relying on pure adrenaline to keep him alive.

Aras continues into the Grand Hall, and finds that he is desperately outnumbered by the draconians and the Legion. Fortunately, Ryhar, Selea, and Yunea arrive to help even the odds, and the four begin fighting their way through the guards. Ryhar realizes that the guards are attempting to buy time for the ritual to continue as planned, and yells at Aras to continue on to find Fiva. Aras is surprised by the arrival of his companions and is concerned by leaving them behind, but realizes he must go on and leaves the others behind to carry on into the chambers.

Word has arrived to Sepna that a lone intruder has entered his lair, and Fiva immediately realizes Aras has fought his way in to rescue her. She feels relieved but horrified, knowing that Sepna will kill him for disrupting the dragon’s ritual. In order to prevent the ceremony from being disrupted, the Legion’s priests inform Norman Vortice to guard the wood elf at all costs.

Aras runs the hallway leading to Sepna’s lair, but finds Norman waiting for him on the other side of the chasm. The two fight for the right to enter Sepna‘s lair, and Aras almost loses the duel. Unwilling to let Fiva die Aras continues to fight against Norman, however, and shoves the man off into what appears to be a very deep chasm. He continues on, smashing the doors open into Sepna’s lair.

The Legion guards attempt to stop Aras from interfering with the ritual, but are overwhelmed by Aras and eventually the other three as they enter the room behind him. Amused by the tenacity of the Monster Hunter, Sepna forces Aras into the center of the lair to ask why he had entered. After the two trade their words to one another, it has become apparent that a duel to the death is required to determine Fiva’s fate. Sepna forces a magical shield along the lair so that the others cannot interfere, and the fight between Sepna Austir and the Monster Hunter begins.

Aras nearly dies as he is easily beaten by Sepna while the others watch on in horror, but the Monster Hunter states that only Sepna‘s bones will remain after the fight. Sepna prepares to kill Aras when it appears that the fighter is finished, but Aras pulls out the Wand of Searing Light that Inel had given him, and uses it to blast Sepna in the face. The blast of light ruins the dragon’s left eye, and with the advantage Aras runs up and stabs the ruined eye in order to finish the wound. Sepna is taken aback by the tactic as he crashes into several pillars amongst his lair, and is seemingly crushed by one of them.

The party watches in amazement as it appears that Aras has killed Sepna Austir. As he attempts to free Fiva from her bonds, however, Sepna uses his tail to cause the unsteady ground to collapse. The dragon falls to the depths below as the rest of his lair begins to crumble apart, and Aras ushers the others to leave as he frees Fiva. Overwhelmed by all that occurred, Fiva begs Aras to leave her behind as he is too wounded to run while holding her, but the Monster Hunter uses what little strength he has left in order to carry her to safety.

The two find themselves outnumbered as the remaining guards attempt to kill them for having slain Sepna, but Aras pushes them aside as the chambers begin to collapse. The majority of the enemy find themselves trapped in their hall of worship, and parish in the collapse. Unfortunately the path quickly becomes with rubble, and it appeared that Aras and Fiva were trapped inside as the fortress collapsed.

Ryhar and the others escape the halls, and assume that Aras and Fiva perished once the ruins had fully collapsed. However, Aras stands outside Sepna‘s hall with Fiva in his arms once the smoke has cleared, and it is apparent that he had rescued her from the dragon. The two watch the waterfalls nearby the bridge as they fall to the ground from their exhaustion, both glad to be alive and in each other’s company.

Artwork of Session 17
Aras and the dragon low res

Aras fights against Sepna Austir within the dragon’s lair, as a horrified Fiva Ni Oele Os Mair watches on.



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