Ahrea Campaign 3: Trial Of The Monster Hunter

Session 15: The Mines Of The Divide Of The Lands

Despite being badly wounded from his encounter with Norman in the bounty hunter’s camp, Aras starts running towards the Divide of The Lands, desperate to save Fiva from Sepna Austir.

As night sets in, Aras comes across a warband of Dakans, and slaughters them in an ambush. Aras captures the lone survivor and learns that Fiva is still alive but will be sacrificed by Sepna Austir during the “Blood Moon”, a period of the full moon where the dragons are spiritually linked with their creator Dasanar. Aras realizes that this gives him four days to find Sepna, and interrogates the Dakan to divulge the dragon’s whereabouts. Aras learns the location of Sepna’s halls within the Northern border of the Divide Of the Lands, and immediately begins to head there.

Fiva wakes up to find herself upon an altar within the dragon’s fortress, held in place with a force spell as she looks upon Sepna Austir. Unable to leave her position due to the spell, Fiva converses with the dragon in hopes of learning why he had captured her in particular. Sepna becomes charmed by his sacrifice as they speak with one another, realizing that she has a great power within her though he is unable to determine exactly why.

Norman survived his last encounter with Aras and Ryhar, having woken to found that the Legion had magically gafted a plate armor gauntlet onto his left arm. Norman wishes that he had managed to capture Fiva as a slave for himself, and attempts to barter with the Legion in order to keep her. The Legion does not agree to his terms, however, and will not allow him to keep her. Unable to leave as he is contracted under the Legion, Norman is left to guard the doors to Sepna’s chambers until the Blood Moon has passed. He feels that it is unfortunate that the wood elf must die as he found her beautiful, but is content with the sum of money that the Legion was providing him for his services.

Selea has a change of heart after Aras has been gone for a day or so while she and the others travel back to Durden, and decides she will aid him in the attempt to free Fiva. Yunea also decides to help the Monster Hunter with his unachievable but noble goal, and with the others against him Ryhar reluctantly agrees to aid the Monster Hunter as well. They turn around to head northbound, Ryhar finding evidence of Aras passing through the area.

After the course of three and a half days of running through the grasslands to the Revnal Wastes, Aras has come across the tunnel that he and the others had traversed earlier from Northern Ahrea. He re-enters the Divide of the Lands, using Ansos’ map to guide him to the bridge he must take to reach Sepna‘s halls. Inside the tunnel he is ambushed by Nocsune and Atagas, but his desire to save Fiva and get revenge upon Sepna is so great that he fights his way through the opposition with a renewed vigor. After fighting his way though the mines,Aras has found his way through the tunnels to the outside southern crossing that leads to the bridge to Sepna’s chambers.

Ryhar and the other two follow close behind, having made up the gap in time with their wagon. They are forced to leave it at the tunnels, but are able to find Aras’ trail of destruction and exit out the tunnel as well.

As the night of the ritual begins Sepna states that it is unfortunate that Fiva must die as he had enjoyed her company, though the sacrifice is something that he must go through as tribute for Dasanar. Fiva prepares herself for her fate, though the voice guiding her tells her that she must not die. Regardless, Fiva has given up hope, and wishes that Aras will have been wise enough not to follow her.

Aras begins his ascent to the bridge to Sepna Austir’s Halls, and comes under attack by a band of Dakans guarding it from intruders. Aras fights his way through these Dakans, and finds himself staring at the bridge. He begins to run across it despite the enemy charging him from the other side, only having fifteen minutes before the Blood Moon rises above the fortress at midnight.



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