Ahrea Campaign 3: Trial Of The Monster Hunter

Session 14: The Arrival of Sepna Austir

Aras gives chase to Norman as they ride out of Durden, but Norman is the superior rider and is able to get the Monster Hunter to lose the trail. Ryhar and the others catch up to Aras, however, and the half-elf begins to start tracking for Norman. The situation seems rather dire to Ryhar but he continues hunting the Bounty Hunter’s trail, hoping to be able to find Fiva and save her in order to impress her.

Over the course of several hours, Ryhar leads the party to a wooded area nearby the Gardnel Wood where Norman has made camp. As the party scouts from afar, Aras is able to see that Fiva has been chained up and confined to a metal box. Enraged, Aras continues to watch on as a band of Legion men ride up. Norman agrees to exchange the elf so that she may be used as an offering to Sepna Austir, in return receiving payment for the large bounty on her head. Aras is taken aback as the deal is made, and horrified to now know that the ancient green dragon is indeed real and waiting for a sacrifice to be made.

Unwilling to let Fiva be that sacrifice, Aras charges straight down into the clearing on horseback, finding himself horribly outnumbered with the Legion’s men. Unable to let Aras face his enemies alone Ryhar and the others follow, though Ryhar feels that Aras will get them all killed.

As the others engage the majority of the Legion’s troops and Norman’s men, Aras takes a straight route towards Fiva’s cage in order to free her. He manages to fight his way through a number of Dakan guards and several of the Legion troopers, though he loses his horse after being bucked off when Norman scares it off. As Norman approaches the downed Monster Hunter, Fiva screams for Aras to abandon her and leave, though he stands up in order to confront the Bounty Hunter. [[:fiva | Fiva becomes frantic upon seeing the two duel and attempts to free herself to help her friend, though she is unable to move due to a force spell placed upon her.

Aras engages directly with Norman, though the Bounty Hunter has gotten the advantage on Aras and quickly starts wounding him as Fiva watches on in horror. Despite attempting to keep fighting, Aras receives a severe stab wound to his stomach, and is defeated as Norman shoves him further down into the wooded grove. As Norman prepares to perform a coup de grace on Aras, however, Ryhar shoves Norman aside in order to rescue the Monster Hunter.

Already having drawn the ire of Norman for interrupting the Bounty Hunter’s kill, Ryhar yells at Aras to rescue Fiva as he will stay behind to hold Norman off. Badly wounded and stumbling, Aras nevertheless continues to make his way towards Fiva‘s cage in order to free her. As Aras safely makes his way up the hill to reach Fiva’s cage, Ryhar gains the upper hand in the fight against Norman and slices the man’s left arm off during the duel.

As Aras approaches Fiva’s cage, however, a gigantic green dragon lands behind her and stares intently at him. Aras is taken by complete surprise, and is nearly killed as the dragon lets loose with a fiery breath towards him. As the Monster Hunter avoids the fire coming towards him, he finds he is unable to save Fiva as the dragon grabs her cage and begins to fly away towards the Divide of the Lands.

Caught between killing Norman and assisting Aras after seeing the dragon land, Ryhar leaves Norman on the ground to help the Monster Hunter. Several Legion men run over to Norman and rescue him during the chaos of the dragon’s arrival, and begin riding off with their work accomplished.

With the fight over [[:selea | Selea]], Ryhar, and Yunea find Aras standing where Fiva’s cage had been. The Monster Hunter appears to be utterly shocked over what had happened, and realizes that the dragon he had faced was Sepna Austir himself.

Ryhar realizes that rescuing The Light Of Step is a lost cause as Aras swears revenge upon Sepna, the Monster Hunter intending to find the dragon and rescue Fiva from him. The others are not as confident as Aras is, and state that they will not go to find Sepna as it would be a suicide mission to fight the ancient dragon. Ryhar states that Fiva is already dead as she’s in the dragon’s possession, and that Aras will die if he attempts to save her.

Unmoved by his party’s concern for their own health, Aras states that he knows all of what Ryhar has told him and dismisses them as he heads off alone to the grasslands to find Sepna Austir. Despite knowing that he will not likely survive the encounter and that Fiva did not love him the way he did her, Aras is unwilling to let her die without living up to the promise he had made to her months before.

Ryhar, Selea, and Yunea watch on as Aras runs off to fight the ancient dragon, depressed over the fact that he and Fiva Ni Oele Os Mair will die within several day’s time. Unable to aid them in any feasible way, they turn around in order to return to Durden.



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