Ahrea Campaign 3: Trial Of The Monster Hunter

Session 13: Durden

The party continues to ride along the grasslands after their encounter with Norman in Ea’Ven.
Selea continues to hint to Aras that she is interested in him, which he somewhat picks up on but is uninterested. Fiva continues to be jealous, but the voice telling her not to worry of him is becoming almost unbearable in her ears.
Regardless, Aras and Fiva spend one last night stargazing together, and she makes the effort to hold his hand though the voice tells her not too. Aras realizes he loves her as they spend the rest of the night together hand in hand, but feels unable to tell her this just yet, wanting to wait for a more romantic moment to do so.

The party arrives in the city of Durden, one of the largest cities in Southern Ahrea. Aras and Ryhar agree they’ll be able to lose track of Norman there. While the elves eat butter treats left out in the middle of the night, Aras pays for the inn.
Aras and Fiva go to the tavern, where the elf is more than glad to drink to her heart’s content after their journey. Aras indulges himself as well, and the two become wildly drunk over the course of the night. Fiva in particular draws the attention of an annoyed woman with red hair and a wizard’s hat, though the two blow the witch off.
Feeling extremely confident despite his usual hesitance to let his feelings get in the way, Aras foregoes an more romantic location as he tells the wood elf that he loves her, and asks for her hand in marriage.
Fiva is overjoyed to hear this, but in a moment the voice screams at her to not return his feelings. It overwhelms her, and she is forced to say no to him and that she does not love him back. Aras is devastated by the news, and Fiva begins crying upon realizing what she has done though she has no idea why she had rejected him. She leaves the tavern in order to spend time in their inn room.
Feeling utterly destroyed by his emotions for her over the past two years, Aras begins to drink himself to being blackout drunk in an effort to forget of what had just happened. Selea attempts to console Aras during his moment, and ultimately allows him to stay the night in her room, though he passes out on her floor.
Fiva spends the rest of the night alone in the room she was supposed to share with Aras, and begins weeping over the fact that he had said what she had wanted him to say for the longest time. However, the voice continues to tell her not to be involved with him, and she feels heartbroken over the fact the voice was guiding her decisions instead of herself. She begins questioning the voice of why she should give up the one thing she wanted most, but finds herself falling asleep.

In the morning, Fiva wakes up early in order to enjoy the morning sun, having lost all memory of what had happened the night before. As she stands in the open grass in front of the inn, however, several men begin to rush into the inn. Fiva finds herself captured by Norman as she tries to warn Aras about the threat.
As if by instinct Aras wakes up, and is immediately taken aback by someone attempting to break down Selea’s door. Selea is horrified as Aras fends off and kills their attacker, though she notices he’s immediately become concerned with Fiva’s health. After checking with Ryhar and Yunea, Aras realizes that Fiva has been captured by Norman, and fights off his henchmen to get outside.
Aras is too late to stop Norman as he is carrying Fiva on horseback, but immediately steals the nearest horse and begins riding off after the bounty hunter, nearly killing the red haired witch from the night before as he does so.
Without any other options, Ryhar, Selea, and Yunea hitch up their wagon and follow after Aras, unsure as to what will happen to Fiva.



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