Ahrea Campaign 3: Trial Of The Monster Hunter

Session 12: The Wood Elven Village of Ea'Ven

Selea is overjoyed to see her new companions come back with the freed citizens of Yaegstad.
Yunea and Ryhar chat about the days events, while Fiva takes the night to rest.
Selea informs the party that the Order of Ayer should arrive to assist the people of Yaegstad and pick her up, and the party elects to rest in Yaegstad for the night.
Selea talks about her past with Aras over the night. She mentions her time in Alenosa, and growing up as a daughter of the headmaster of the Order. Aras gives her a summary of his past, as well, though he leaves choice details out of it.

In the morning the Order of Ayer arrive, and begin assisting the people of Yaegstad.
Sir Gardnel, Selea’s father, banishes her from the Order in disgrace for disobeying his orders to continue marching past the town. Selea is devastated by the news.
The Order finishes their assist and leave the town without Selea. As she has no where else to go, Aras offers her to join his party, and she agrees without hesitation.
During the next night, Fiva notices that Aras is spending a good amount of time talking with Selea. She feels jealous, but a voice tells her not to be worried.
A messenger from the Legion arrives to Yaegstad, and leaves a message with Aras stating that Norman Vortice is in Southern Ahrea and is actively hunting for him and Fiva. Aras is rather unnerved with the news.

The next morning the party departs for Ea’Ven, one of the villages that Ryhar visits in order to give them food. The party arrives to the village in about a day’s travel, and Ryhar makes his food delivery.
Selea has developed a bit of a crush on Aras, and continues to follow him and Fiva around. Fiva is not amused, but again the voice tells her to let it go.
The party rests up in Ea’Ven for the next couple days. Fiva spends a bit more time with Aras, though she feels somewhat torn due to some reason she is unable to explain. Selea and the rest of the party become well aquainted with one another.
As the party prepares to leave Ea’Ven, they come under attack by Norman’s band. Aras and the others fend off the bounty hunter, and escape on the wagon and on horseback.



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