Ahrea Campaign 3: Trial Of The Monster Hunter

Session 11: The Dakan Lair

Fiva and Ryhar begin tracking the draconians as Aras follows along, hoping to save the people before they are sacrificed.
The trio are able to track down the draconians to a lair just outside of the wastelands. They observe the situation, and decide to just rush the guards as it seems time is running out for the captured civilians.
Aras, Fiva, and Ryhar fight their way into the draconian lair, and kill off the draconians on the first floor. They manage to save a few civilians, but are informed the others were taken down below to be prepared to be fed to “Sepna Austir”. Ryhar immediately recognizes the name as being the name of the 1st green dragon created by Dasanar (the god of Death), but Aras doubts the legitimacy of such claims.
The trio come across a secret door, and find an altar of the black dragon Vas, which Ryhar explains the story of to Fiva. They find two paths in the hall and split up as Ryhar goes down the west passage, while Fiva and Aras go down the east passage. Aras and Fiva end up caught in trap doors, and fall down into the second floor.

In Yaegstad Selea continues to tend to the wounded.
Yunea converses with Selea, both of them being concerned about the three that went after the draconians.

Ryhar goes down a flight of stairs, and hears the loud thud of Fiva and Aras falling through the trap door. Unfortunately, he comes under attack by dakans. He fights them off, and rushes to find the other two.
Fiva and Aras find themselves trapped in a holding cell, and that this holding cell is in plain view of several dakans. They begin prodding at the two in the cell, though Aras and Fiva attempt to hold them off.
Ryhar sounds his horn in order to draw the attention of the dakans to himself, and they leave Fiva and Aras to attack Ryhar.
Ryhar holds off the dakans, while Fiva fumbles around and manages to open the locked door to the cell.
The two aid Ryhar, and are able to kill the remaining hostile dakans in the room. A bit shaken, the three continue their search for the remaining captives.
The three come across a room where three humans are casting force spells on the captives, reciting a prayer for them to join Sepna Austir. The trio interrupt and defeat the cultists and their escort, and free the remaining captives.
Seeing that they are about to be overrun with dakans, the three get the freed captives outside and on the way to Yaegstad.
Content with a job well done, the three return to Yaegstad as well.



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