Ahrea Campaign 3: Trial Of The Monster Hunter

Session 10: The Adelven Wastes and Yaegstad

The party continues their way through the Divide tunnel system, making their way though using the map Ansos gave them. Morr finds the party as they travel through the tunnels, having escaped the monsters the party had ran into earlier. He takes responsibility for getting the party lost, but they do not mind and allow him to guide them out of the tunnels. With his assistance the party finds the exit out to the Revnal Wastes on the southern border of the Divide, having made their way to Southern Ahrea.

Though the others press the importance of continuing on, Aras and Fiva Ni Oele Os Mair are content to watch the sun setting upon Southern Ahrea for the first time in their lives as they stand on the southern border. Fiva in particular is rather happy despite the dusty landscape she finds herself in, content that the Monster Hunter had finally lived up to his promise to take her to the southern lands.

Morr is able to find the party a nearby trading post on the southern border in order for Ryhar to purchase more horses. Aras also inquires about purchasing a horse, though he is somewhat amazed and annoyed to find that his old horse Brie is the only one for sale after Ryhar buys the others. Aras buys Brie again, though Fiva forces him to ride as a passenger on his own horse as she wants to hold the reins. The party parts ways with Morr after their stop at the trading post, who is now preparing himself to return back to Northern Ahrea. Aras wishes him luck, being concerned that the guide might not be so lucky on his return trip to the north.

With the past of their homeland behind them, Aras and Fiva are content to go anywhere that their new companions wish to lead them. Ryhar mentions the nearby town of Yaegstad as a good place to stay for a while, and the two agree to follow. Though the arid climate and duststorms of the Adelven Wastes provide the Monster Hunter and the Light of Step challenges they have yet to encounter, the two feel confident they will make it to the safety of a new life as they travel after Ryhar. Fiva is very excited, hoping that Aras will finally be able to stop fighting and live a normal life with her.

The party rides out of the Adelven Wastes into the open grasslands of Southern Ahrea after about two days of travel, and Fiva is overcome by the beauty of the landscape. Shes runs out into the fields barefoot as she experiences the lushness of the grasslands for the first time, and drags Aras with her as the others watch on.

The two end their first night in the grasslands stargazing again upon Fiva’s insistence, while Ryhar and Yunea set up their own camp. Though Ryhar has attempted to flirt with Fiva before, he is under the impression that Aras and Fiva are smitten with each other. Yunea finds the wood elf to be rather silly, but is happy to have helped the Light of Step to obtain her wish.

The party continues onwards to Yaegstad the next day, but are horrified to find the town ablaze as they approach. Concerned for the civilians of the town, Aras rushes to the cause of the fire as the party enters the burning town. As he wanders the highroad, he finds a young cleric behind held down and about to be executed by several Dakans. Aras prevents the execution, shooting them with his crossbow and being aided by Fiva and Ryhar’s firepower.

Aras helps the cleric to her feet and helps the others fight off a number of the draconians off and away from Yaegstad. The cleric introduces herself as Selea, being a member of the Order of Ayer that went to the town to aid the citizens though the rest of the Order continued on their path to the south. She informs the party that a number of the citizens were dragged off by the draconians to be used as sacrifices, but she is unable to do anything about it.

Aras, Fiva, and Ryhar volunteer their help to go and find the citizens, and Yunea decides to help Selea help the injured and defend the town in the event the draconians come back. Fiva feels sick to her stomach after realizing the gravity of her situation, now knowing that the draconians had come to Southern Ahrea – and that perhaps she would not have the life she wanted so soon. Regardless, she dons her armor and Vyraelys once again, not wanting her friend to go on such a dangerous quest alone.

As Aras, Fiva, and Ryhar run out to find the missing citizens, Yunea is able to tell that Selea is instantly smitten with Aras’ demeanor. Yunea is greatly concerned with the state of Yaegstad, as she wonders why the Order of Ayer and the King’s Riders would allow a town of the South to fall into enemy hands.

Once the party has done all they can to assist her, Selea informs the party that the Order of Ayer should arrive to assist the people of Yaegstad and pick her up, and the party elects to rest in Yaegstad for the night.

Selea talks about her past with Aras over the night. She mentions her time in Alenosa, and growing up as a daughter of the headmaster of the Order. Aras gives her a summary of his past, as well, though he leaves choice details out of it.



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